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Buying On Ukaribu

How does the buying work on Ukaribu?

When you buy from the seller and payment is paid to the seller via PayPal or credit card.

Will I be sent an email when I make a purchase?

Yes, you will be sent an email to your nominated email address with the details of your purchase. You can also access your purchase details in your My Ukaribu> Purchases

How does the Ukaribu cart work?

We have a new cart which now allows you to checkout one seller at a time. Firstly, add your item or items to your cart, they will be grouped into sellers’ orders and each order will have their own checkout option.

You can easily remove items from your cart and change the quantities, add the item to your favourites, change postage types and change the postage address.

Once you have finished shopping with the seller click your preferred checkout method. Below are more details on each checkout purchase.

Can you explain the PayPal checkout process?

We have recently upgraded our cart and all PayPal purchases must be paid on checkout, if you don’t confirm your purchase on the Ukaribu website after logging into PayPal your purchase won’t be made.

• Once you have finished shopping with the seller click the checkout with PayPal button in the cart
• You will then be directed to the PayPal website to login
• PayPal will ask to continue with your payment
• You will be directed back to the Ukaribu website to the confirmation page
• Click confirm and a confirmation screen will appear to say your purchase has been successful
• You will be sent emails from both PayPal and Ukaribu confirming your purchase

Can I pay with my credit card using PayPal?

Yes, we ask that all sellers offer this service to Ukaribu buyers, you simply go through the above process and you will be given an option on the PayPal website to pay with your credit card.

If this option doesn’t show, then please let Ukaribu support know so we can ask that the seller change their PayPal settings.

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