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An online marketplace that manages itself. Ukaribu’s super intuitive design & interface makes everything easy even for beginners. It’s so automated that you only need to review the orders!

Only Canadian residents are permitted to sell on Ukaribu. We support local artists and makers.

Ukaribu is exclusively handmade. You won't be competing with mass-produced items. Ever.

Anyone with even no ecommerce experience can easily sign up and start selling right away.

Most of our traffic is local so you can simplify shipping and build your brand awareness with a Canadian audience.

Manage everything easily

You will get full functionality from the frontend dashboard – coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support and more everything on frontend!

Detailed Reports and Statements

You will get a rich sales-earning report, analytics and statement which makes it easy to track every bit of your business and improve upon it.

Multiple product types and Flexible Shipping Rates

On Ukaribu, you will have the full freedom of creating any kind of products. We support simple, variable, virtual, booking type products from the frontend. So, you can sell from garments to craft events to tours reservation – anything that comes into imagination

We're a family business
who cares about your success. Personal service is 'our thing'.

Sure, we’re smaller than some overseas platforms – we’re boutique just like you! And that means less direct competition in your niche and more personal service.

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Ukaribu sellers are showcasing and selling their products all day, every day, to every corner of Canada and the world. Join them and start selling your creations now !

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Number of products: 10

Unlimited categories

5% Transaction Fees



Number of products: 20

Unlimited categories

5% Transaction Fees



Number of products: 40

Unlimited categories

5% Transaction Fees



Number of products: 150

Unlimited categories

5% Transaction Fees

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